Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dream Man

My Dream Man

Quality of My Dream Man

  • Appearance

- 6 feet tall
- Caucasian
- With spectacles
- Sharp nose
- Good looking guy
- Nice nails
- Sweet smile
- Spikes hair & nice haircut
- With Dimple
- Have Muscles
- Nice voice

  • Emotions

- Pious
( My dream man will be the one that can bring me to the right path, My dream man is a Muslim. The only relationship more important than the one between me and him is his relationship with Allah )

- Romantic
( My dream man will do little things to make me smile. He'll open doors for me, pull out my chair, fix dinner, and give me flowers and say that he love me so much )

- Caring
( My dream man will be the doctor when I had a fever, he willing to do anything to make me cure )

- Responsible
( When I’m in pregnancy, he will take me from work, take me to the hospital for medical checkup)

- Loving
( It is enough when he tell me that I’m his oxygen. And he tell me that he can’t live without me )

- Loyal
( I’m his wife and I’m the only one that he will love forever & ever )

- Trustworthy
( Nothing can break us because we have trusting in each other )

- Give & Take
(I hope he loves me for me. No matter how my hair looks, how much I weigh, how ugly am I, how stupid am I, how many pimples I have, how I cry, how I laugh or even what I'm wearing. He only wants to be with me and just me )

- Not a hot tempered person
( I hate this type of man. I don’t want to be hurt by a guy just like Rihanna felt )

- Funny & full sense of humor
( I love to laugh and I love a man that can make me laugh )

- Sporting
( He willing to do anything for me )

- Warm
( It completes everything )

- Understanding
( Easy to make a decision in a certain matter )

  • Life

- Career man
( I love a man that have ambition, future and I can be a fulltime housewife, take care him, take care of my children )

- Rich
( I love shopping, so he should understand his wife )

- A lot of savings in bank
( This money for our future so that we can have a honeymoon in overseas, holiday around the world and build Hajj together )

- Smart
( So that he can be a successful man )

Everyone wants a perfect dream man/woman in their life to make life more colorful. Am I right..? If we get a man with those qualities, it will be just nice and great..Right…? Certain people will get what they want but before they get it, Allah will give some task that they can or can’t stand it. Sometimes Allah didn’t give what we want but He changes it to a better one. We never know what He has plan for us..

Whatever I’ve listed on the list, I’ll let Allah do His work because I know He knows better than I did, He knows what I should get, what is the best for me because of what..?
Because He is my creator..

Everything in His hands, if He says that I should have it, so I’ll have it. If it is not for me, than it’s not for me. I’ll let Allah do His work and I as His slave do my own work to get His willingness.

Sometimes we didn’t get what we wish for because we didn’t know what will happen if we get it. Is it we will be thankful to Allah or in the other hand.
I always pray to Allah to give a better and suit man for me. So that if my parents no longer here, then he can take care of me like my parents did.

a short poem to read :


Yesterday I told you, you make me happy.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me smile.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me laugh.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me complete.
you still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me miss you so much.
you still do today.
Today I’m telling you I love you.
And forever I still will.


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To My Life..

Too much best thing happened in my life. My previous lifestyle is hard to say. We’re in average family. My father works as a Government Servant in Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia. My mom works as a teacher in Smart Reader in Bandar Tasik Selatan. My mom has deep desire in kids. My mom decides to open her own kindergarten, Firzana Edu Center. Now our life became much better than before. Thanks to Allah for HIS richness and willingness to give us a bit of HIS rezki to us.

Now, let me tell you guys about my best thing that has happened to my life.
When I was 5 years old, my dad bring us the whole family my mom, my brother when he was in standard 4, and of course my little sister when her age was 2 years old. We were in a trip to form Hajj.

Our 1st transit was in Pakistan. The airplane stops at Karachi’s Airport. After we arrived, we were waiting for 5 hours in Karachi’s Airport to get the next flight to London. After catch a flight to London, it takes 8 hours to arrive in Heathrow Airport, London. We will be in London for two weeks.
After arrived London, we took a bus to go to Birmingham. It takes around 2 hours to get there. It takes around 2 hours to get there. In two weeks, seems like we cover the entire most favorite’s attraction place in London. The place that has been covered is St. Stephen Tower of the Palace of Westminster, London Bridge, Malaysian Hall, Harrods, Blackburn, Sheffield, and Tower of London. When we were in Sheffield, we have gone to the mall. My mom buys a pair of cloth to my sister and me. We kept all the cloths until now even we cannot fit the shirt.



It’s time to take another flight to get there, Makkah. After 5 hours we struggling to form a solah in flight, at last we arrived safe and sound. Before we go to Makkah, we have our visit in Madinah first then we will be in Makkah right after the visit. The place that have been visited is Baqi’ Grave (our prophet’s wife and friends grave), our prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W‘s tomb, Quba’ mosque. After finished visited the entire place, we continue the journey to Makkah. We will be in there for 2 weeks and start our deeds to make us close to Allah S.W.T.


Before we return back in Malaysia, we buy something for our relatives as a memory from Makkah. We buy Air Zam-zam, prayer beads, atar oil, dates, and some books that we still kept in our wardrobe. It’s time to return back Malaysia. It was a great memory when I’ve been there. I can saw the Hajarul Aswad and get into it with help from the guard, memory having a Tawaf in front of Kaabah.

Before return back in Malaysia, we were having a transit in London for three days. At this time, we were visited place that haven’t visit yet. After three days, we were having a transit in Karachi for 5 hours. Then, we were having a flight back to Malaysia.
I just miss Makkah, even I was a small little girl but I can remember all the scene and what happened when I form a Hajj. It like just happened last day. I hope I can go back in there with my family, my hubby and my kids with my own money.
I just miss the moment.

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Praise upon HIM ( Nabi Muhammad S.A.W )

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself..

I was thinking, possibly a pointless thought, but really if there was anything that you could change about yourself, physically, mentally, or any of that. What would it be? Assuming that it’s almost impossible to overcome right now being what you are or certain things about who you are? Seriously did I explain that clearly?

As for me, I would like change those things:

1. Smartness
- I’d wanted to make myself smarter, but I really think too much as it is. I always wanted to be able to jump a 10 foot vertical. That would just be awesome. I just want to make my parents and my family proud the way I am. That just the way to repay back what they have done to me. Thank you so much umi and walid..!

The Song's Of The Family..

2. Exercise
- I suppose personality factors in here as well. I'd love to be bolder or more talkative, as with that would come more confidence with talking to the people around me. And help all my participation marks in class. Otherwise, I’d just really love to be able to work athletics into my lifestyle. I'm terrible at sports, but I've really learned recently that I need to get away from the computer and be more active or I'll end up with a 95 year olds body at 25..!

3. Feelings
- I wish I don’t have any feelings at all. I hate myself when I was loved someone. Every time I loved a guy I always been disappointed by them. They tell me that I’m too affectionate, loving and caring. That’s why they hard to tell the truth. Is it true my dear? Hurmm, maybe Allah got HIS better plan for me. But really, if Allah wants to take something from me, I wish HE take my emotion. Don’t leave any emotion in me..

12 things i hate about you :

1. I hate the way you talk to me

2. I hate the way you style your hair

3. I hate the way you treat me

4. I hate it when you stare

5. I hate the way you smile

6. I hate the way you read my mind

7. I hate you so much it makes me sick, It even makes me rhyme

8. I hate it, I hate the way you're always right

9. I hate it when you lie

10. I hate it when you make me laugh,even worse when you make me cry

11. I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you did'nt call

12. But mostly, I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close not even a lillte bit, not even at all


Everybody has some faults that one doesn’t like. So I was thinking, what if I list those things that I don’t like about myself and then try to either change them or learn to live with them. I don’t want to increase negative energy and start to hate myself, I just want to be better person and love myself fully. Serious.