Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dream Man

My Dream Man

Quality of My Dream Man

  • Appearance

- 6 feet tall
- Caucasian
- With spectacles
- Sharp nose
- Good looking guy
- Nice nails
- Sweet smile
- Spikes hair & nice haircut
- With Dimple
- Have Muscles
- Nice voice

  • Emotions

- Pious
( My dream man will be the one that can bring me to the right path, My dream man is a Muslim. The only relationship more important than the one between me and him is his relationship with Allah )

- Romantic
( My dream man will do little things to make me smile. He'll open doors for me, pull out my chair, fix dinner, and give me flowers and say that he love me so much )

- Caring
( My dream man will be the doctor when I had a fever, he willing to do anything to make me cure )

- Responsible
( When I’m in pregnancy, he will take me from work, take me to the hospital for medical checkup)

- Loving
( It is enough when he tell me that I’m his oxygen. And he tell me that he can’t live without me )

- Loyal
( I’m his wife and I’m the only one that he will love forever & ever )

- Trustworthy
( Nothing can break us because we have trusting in each other )

- Give & Take
(I hope he loves me for me. No matter how my hair looks, how much I weigh, how ugly am I, how stupid am I, how many pimples I have, how I cry, how I laugh or even what I'm wearing. He only wants to be with me and just me )

- Not a hot tempered person
( I hate this type of man. I don’t want to be hurt by a guy just like Rihanna felt )

- Funny & full sense of humor
( I love to laugh and I love a man that can make me laugh )

- Sporting
( He willing to do anything for me )

- Warm
( It completes everything )

- Understanding
( Easy to make a decision in a certain matter )

  • Life

- Career man
( I love a man that have ambition, future and I can be a fulltime housewife, take care him, take care of my children )

- Rich
( I love shopping, so he should understand his wife )

- A lot of savings in bank
( This money for our future so that we can have a honeymoon in overseas, holiday around the world and build Hajj together )

- Smart
( So that he can be a successful man )

Everyone wants a perfect dream man/woman in their life to make life more colorful. Am I right..? If we get a man with those qualities, it will be just nice and great..Right…? Certain people will get what they want but before they get it, Allah will give some task that they can or can’t stand it. Sometimes Allah didn’t give what we want but He changes it to a better one. We never know what He has plan for us..

Whatever I’ve listed on the list, I’ll let Allah do His work because I know He knows better than I did, He knows what I should get, what is the best for me because of what..?
Because He is my creator..

Everything in His hands, if He says that I should have it, so I’ll have it. If it is not for me, than it’s not for me. I’ll let Allah do His work and I as His slave do my own work to get His willingness.

Sometimes we didn’t get what we wish for because we didn’t know what will happen if we get it. Is it we will be thankful to Allah or in the other hand.
I always pray to Allah to give a better and suit man for me. So that if my parents no longer here, then he can take care of me like my parents did.

a short poem to read :


Yesterday I told you, you make me happy.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me smile.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me laugh.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me complete.
you still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me miss you so much.
you still do today.
Today I’m telling you I love you.
And forever I still will.