Friday, January 9, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

Salam..First of all, i was shocked being chosen to be a student in UiTMT. I'm not expecting anything & thats what we called 'Rezki'..Is it..?Bout my experience in here, it was so cool when i found my friends. They are Effa, Akq Nabilla, Nuha, Aizat, Uncle, Shazana, Mareena, Fazli, Farhan, & Dewi of course. We are just like siblings. But different mom & dad. Now i got my best friend forever. BFF. Effa, Akq Nabilla, & Nuha.


I love them so much. I'm willing to do everything for them. Hope our relationship last forever. Before i forget, i think in my 2nd kitchen i guess. Everythings is going well but suddently when i went to pray room i felt not so good. There was my friends. Give a helping hand. Thanks for being there. After i finished my prayer, then we have some last briefing from Mr Hairi Jalis, our ex-kitchen lecturer. The day was so hot. When i entered Management class, i feel like i can't feel the floor. After the class is dismiss, then i fainted. I can't opened my eyes for a second. Thank to Allah I got a caring friend. They all was helping me to bring me down stairs. Imagine, my weight just like a an elephant & imagine how they bring me down. Andrienne, Wany, Piqa, K.long, Nuha, Akq Nabilla, Shazana, Mareena, Amalina, Ayu, Dewi, Ayu, Akq Giha, Erin, Atul, ( the one who help bring me down ), Effa ( the one who bring me to the hospital ), Rahman (the one who called ambulance ), Fazli, Farhan,Qayyum, Adhwa, (The one who gave support to the girls who try their energy to bring me down ) . Hehe.. :) Tell me if your name is not listed then i can edit & put your name in my blog. Sorry i cant remember.. :D Thank u so much my dearest friend. I love you so much...! Thanks for the memory. Hehe.. :) Too much memory for this sem. Experience with my ex-kitchen lecturer. We had our break-fast together, and Barbeque. Happy have him as our kitchen lecturer. He tought everything he know to us, sharing his experience as a lecturer, and student to us. We love you so much Mr Hairi Jalis. Thank you so much..!




  1. Your classmates must be very happy to have Mr. Hairi as your lecturer. There are many of your friends have pictures with him too..I'm glad you're doing fine now!

  2. he's the great lecturer..!
    miss him so much..
    up till now..